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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC,                IOI

Dover, November 5th, 1796.

The first time I left England to go to college
I sailed from this very pier as they were firing
the guns for Guy Fawkes' plot; and I arrived here
to-day as the same festival was celebrating. The
guns reminded me of this coincidence of circum-
stances. Is it not odd ? I am almost tempted to
sumere superbiam quczsitam mentis; for I am half
intoxicated with the dignity that attends me :
letters by special messengers from the Secretary of
Stateócollectors of customs in waitingóDanout's
son-in-law, with Pat Hennesy's son, cringing and
bowing for leave to accompany me, the mayor
taking my orders, &c., &c. Je commencerai a me
croire ne pour les grandes aventures, if my tooth does
not ache, which every now and then takes me off
my high horse.

I have brought a young man as secretary,
who seems sensible, and likely to do well. Adieu;
I do not believe I shall be able to write from
Calais ; but if you do not hear of the Princess
Augusta going to the bottom, you may conclude I
am safely landed in Tigerland. God bless you all;
you shall have a full account of Paris renouvelle
when I have seen it.